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The Project

A documentary

The Angle

A journalistic approach to the anthropological, sociological and psychological phenomena of ‘feeling at Home’

The Goal

Redefining Home. Spreading a deeper understanding of Home’s sentimental value and the importance of cherishing it


This documentary aims to gather and share the knowledge and testimonies of sociologists, psychologists, refugee camps’ residents, travelers, NGO’s coordinators, social workers and journalists, among others, throughout their testimonies

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“By putting a new perspective on the concept of ‘home’, HomeWorld has set an innovative way to raise awareness of one of the most

pressing social and political issues in Europe today. “

Wojciech Halarewicz

Vice President Communications, Mazda Motor Europe

“From a psychological point of view, Home goes far beyond a place to sleep. Home is an environment in which you can develope a dignified way of life and freely carry out your personal projects”

Miguel Ángel Lashayas

Psychologist Ph.D. in Contemporary International Migrations, Deusto University

“By calling someone ‘a refugee’ you are only looking at a fragment of their life; but they had an identity prior of begin a resident. Humanizing them is what is most needed.”

Katina Saoulli

Executive Manager, I Am You

Mazda Press EU

Official Announcement

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La Tribuna de Toledo

Feature by Esther Martín

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Mazda Press EU

Official Announcement

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Mazda Zoom Zoom

Interview by Víctor Navarro | Photography by Gianfranco Tripode

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Patricia Charro

Patricia Charro

Founder, Site Designer&Editor y Co- Project Manager


Journalism and Advertising graduate at CEU San Pablo University, Patricia freelances as a communications consultant. Prior to that, she co-managed the communications department at Malt Spain and worked as a freelance journalist for Euronews and El País, with a special focus in International Affairs, Digital Transformation and Social impact.

Having founded HomeWorld in 2015, she later associated with Verónica in 2016 to shoot the documentary and further expand the project.

Her work within HomeWorld goes from arranging and carrying out the interviews, designing and managing the website - providing it with all of its content - to meeting the budget and dealing with providers.

Verónica García

Verónica García

Visual Manager and Co-Project Manager

Superior Technician in Audiovisual Production and Image.

Verónica has worked in different audiovisual job positions, such a cameraman, editor and TV directing at TeleToledo, La Regional de CLM y Castilla- La Mancha TV. 

Used to working with both fiction and documentary formats, Verónica's work within HomeWorld goes from recording the interviews and footage to editing and post-production. 

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